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Choice of Destiny
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Choice of Destiny 0.22

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Английская версия модификации SZM CoP 0.2 , с патчем исправлений №2. Так же выпуск в виде репака, Зов Припяти для установки не требуется.

Global modification with new storyline, models and locations. Convoluted, detective events await us in this project for stalker.

Version Notes

Version Notes
 - English version of SZM CoP 0.2;
 - New storyline;
 - New locations: Predbannik, Agroprom, Swamps;
 - More than 50 new caches scattered in new locations;
 - New additional quests;
 - Freeplay. After completing the main story, a freeplay story is available, as well as new quests;
 - New models: NPCs, weapons, objects;
 - Created standatalone-build [X-Ray Engine 1.6, stalker elements, SZM CoP 0.2 + additionals]:
  *removed Call of Pripyat levels;
  *removed Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat movies, texts and ui textures;
  *included Atmosfear 3 pack (temp);
 - Added english localization;
 - Removed russian localization;
 - Removed final movie;
 - Edited main menu;
 - Configs, scripts edition and fixes;

Install FAQ

  1. - Unpack zip;
  2. - Run Choice of Destiny 0.22.exe and install mod;
  3. - Play;

Intro Video 



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