Choice of Destiny X.XX - Chapter Two [XX.XX.XXXX - XX.XX.XXXX]

  To Do List

   - Storyline continuation;
   - One more location;
   - More weapons?
   - Russian localization?
   - Bugreports -> to szm-team server?;
      * remove -> news;
      * remove multiplayer code and elemets?;

Choice of Destiny X.XX - Chapter One [XX.XX.XXXX]

  To Do List

   - Bug fix;

Choice of Destiny 0.3 - Chapter One [XX.XX.2019]

  Version Notes
   - X-Ray Engine updated to 1.7
      *added x64 engine version which incease loading speed and FPS;
      *removed x32 engine version;
      *removed Bugtrap;
      *updated libraries;
      *fix old bugs and get new;
   - start.exe now checking PC architecture and run x32 or x64 depend on your system, with no need .bat files;
     * Note. If you want start with dificult paramers you should create .bat for example :

         @start bin\x32\xrEngine.exe -your_parameters
         @start bin\x64\xrEngine.exe -your_parameters

   - Removed Atmosfear 3;
   - Added SWTC;
   - Edited Actor UI;
   - Rewritten storyline of SZM CoP 0.2;
   - Reworked vegetation;
   - Hallway + Escape 3120 + Darkscape 1865;
   - Reworked a lot of static 3D models;
   - Added new static 3D models;
   - Added wallmarks on level;
   - New textures;

Choice of Destiny 0.22 [DEMO]

  Version Notes
   - Created standatalone-build [X-Ray Engine 1.6, stalker elements, SZM CoP 0.2 + additionals]:
      *removed Call of Pripyat levels;
      *removed Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky, Call of Pripyat movies, texts and ui textures;
      *included Atmosfear 3 pack (temp);
   - Added english localization;
   - Removed russian localization;
   - Removed final movie;
   - Edited main menu;
   - Configs, scripts edition and fixes;

  Download: [Direct] [MoDDB] []

SZM CoP 0.2 + patch #1

  Version Notes
    * SZM-Team forum topic [RU]
    * AP-PRO forum topic [RU]
    * AMK-Team forum topic [RU]

SZM CoP 0.1

   Version Notes