The start of the SZM Team was site created at the 2009 year. That was fan-site S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game, on this site were talking about news and mods. In process of growing up the site, team site start learns modding. Name of the team mod goes from the name of the site - stalker zona mod, here we got SZM. The name of team comes from web-site and mod - SZM Team. The first project of the team was RTTS*. But in process of development was decided to freeze project and work on SZM and the 0.2 version was released in the 2012 year. In the same year was announced 0.3 version but at 2013-2014 was "Santa Barbara" in team and mod was frozen at the 2015 year. In the 2016 year team reborn like Fenix and start work on project "Choice of Destiny".
*Return to the Shadows.