«From undercover sources of Security Service of Ukraine, it became known that the Degtyarev and accompanying him stalker nicknamed Strelok missing in the central areas of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. A series of attempts to contact with those the agents referred to above because of the perimeter - was not successful. The data, as well as analysis of information about the activities of some illegal armed groups in the territory of CEZ, suggest the possibility that both may face a real risk. There is also the chance loss of information representing the government and military secrets. Therefore, I order, to implement into the territory of an experienced operative intro the zone with the task to find the missing agents. Provide it with all necessary equipment, and most importantly communication and support in case of need. Detect and withdraw from zone Degtyareva and Strelok.

...Hornet has always wanted to serve in the special forces. First deferral in the internal troops, then the contract in "Scat" and eventually special forces Security Service of Ukraine. He feels needed there. There will always need people to do the dirty thankless work, which not many people know, but the consequences are felt by all. An officer with a fanatical sense of patriotism, a man without family, a professional soldier - the best choice for a business trip in the most dangerous place on Earth. The mission is complex but clear: to find missing in the territory of CEZ agents. All understandable, but even Hornet does not know the true purpose of their journey ...»